Swiss at Heart?

Mohamed is 41 years old and lives in Claremont, Cape Town with his wife and four children. Kathrin is 38 years old, lives in Hout Bay with her husband and three children.

What is your profession and what work do you do? I’m a chartered accountant and I currently advise clients (mainly corporates) on transactions, e.g. financial due diligence, asset and business valuations, mergers & acquisitions, etc.

Where were you trained? I completed my undergraduate BCom degree at the University of Cape Town and my Post graduate diploma in Accounting at the University of Natal. I served my articles at Ernst & Young in Cape Town.

Is there something you would like to learn? Spanish and farming.

What do you do in your free time? I spend time with my family, fix things around the house and visit antique dealers.

Do you have a hero, a mentor or somebody you admire? Not really, but the person that closest resembles the above is my wife – I admire her patience, generosity and ability to trust.

Are you currently saving money for something? I am on a mission to pay off my mortgage (indirect saving).

Do you have a dream that cannot be bought by money? To truly prioritise my family.

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years? Probably the same thing I’m doing now…I have to get 4 kids through university…

Where will you be when you are old? Who knows?

What is your favourite food? I like Shushi and most Indian dishes.

Do you have a favorite book? I’m not a prolific reader of books, but I really enjoyed the prose of  „A Fine Balance“ (by Rohinton Mistry).

Do you have a favorite movie? Jungle Book/ El Postino.

What music is your favorite? I enjoy Reggae and Arabic music.

And what TV-show? I enjoy BBC Knowledge or the Travel Channel.

What do you like about South Africa? The beautiful scenery and sunny weather.

What don’t you like about South Africa? Economic inequality, violent crime and corruption.

What are your hopes for South Africa? 1) That the inequality gap is narrowed. 2) Access to decent Education and basic healthcare for all. 3) A culture of peace, tolerance and trust.

Is there anything you would like to say to our Swiss (and other!) friends and families? Come and visit beautiful and diverse South Africa.

Dankie, Mohamed!

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