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The Schlup Five

Our stay in South Africa has given me the chance to meet new people, cultures and challenges, one of them being Waldorf pedagogy. Though remaining an outsider  on anything concerning anthroposophy, this has not kept me from being involved in the everyday school life of my kids. I have met fellow parents that are likewise fascinated and alienated at times.

On the first day of school, our family, kids and adults alike, noticed a few things approvingly. The school grounds are green, lush, tidy but not overly so. The children are actually allowed and encouraged to climb the trees, dig the ground and interact with their environment– not without filling in the inevitable indemnity forms first, though. 🙂 My son is allowed to bring his pocket knife as long as he demonstrates responsible handling. The class teachers are interested in their pupil’s individual development and have a precise understanding of…

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