Selection of 18 (good) reasons that kept me from writing today:

  • The boy’s room needs tidying up – while I’m at it, why not sort through their clothes? And Nina’s, too?
  • Laundry and ironing.
  • Wondering when you write „learnt“ and when „learned“. Know it now.
  • More laundry and ironing.
  • Checking the bushes if the hens have already laid there eggs. Lots of bushes. Nice flowers. Must pick some.
  • Now I might as well get into my veil and check on the bees, too.
  • Finally, my smoker is fixed. The bees are doing ok, no honey yet. They’re probably in winter block. Fortunate. They have one real reason.
  • Hmmm, feeling hungry now. Cake would be nice for desert – somebody has to use all those eggs, anyway.
  • Where’s the ukulele – must be here somewhere. My tuning app is somehow down. I’ll practice tomorrow. Talent isn’t shining today.
  • Freddie Mercury pops into my mind – youtube beams me back two decades. What a voice, what a man! Would be disrespectful to stop watching now.
  • I feel tiny. The intended „grand youtube inspiration tour“ of all my favorite songs leaves me hiding under my desk – these people are all artists – who am I?
  • More youtube. Remember? They’re older now, too. Love the tattoos. Must get more myself. Also love all the hair. And the music.
  • Haven’t written in my diary for at least three days now. Must catch up. Block persists – maybe nothing really happened?
  • Now my pencil broke. Need to sharpen it, might as well sharpen all my others. And the kid’s, while I’m at it.
  • All the wastebaskets need emptying.
  • Opened a word document. What should I call it?
  • Only 20 minutes left. No point in starting to write now. Google „FUBAR“ – I always forget what it stands for.
  • Already past 12 – have to pick up the kids. Rush, rush, rush!

Am I distracted because I’m blocked or blocked because I’m distracted?

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4 Responses to BLOCK!

  1. Pen sagt:

    Finally an entry I understand and it is about not posting an entry! However I can so utterly relate. Don’y forget the alphabetise the spice rack!

  2. Pen sagt:

    Aaaaaargh! How can I edit that comment? That y is driving me mad! Actually that whole last sentence is worthy of a good whipping.

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