The world in one country

one world

Andre is 46 years old and lives in Fish Hoek, Cape Town with his wife and three daughters.

What is your profession and what work do you do? Architect.

Where were you trained? Cape Town, Los Angeles, London.

Is there something you would like to learn? Yes, lots! More specifically – personally to fly a fixed wing glider airplane; to sing and make music. Academically – Environmental Studies; Integral Studies (philosophy of Ken Wilber)…..lots more languages, sculpture,  business studies, educational studies, philoshophy, economics and politics….!

What do you do in your free time? Run or walk on the mountain; spend time with my family! I also windsurf, do woodwork and occasionally paint.

Do you have a hero, a mentor or somebody you admire?  Yes – heroes: Mahatma Ghandi; Nelson Mandela; Karl Jung; Beethoven; Gawie Fagan; Louis Kahn; Le Corbusier; Ken Wilber; Desmond Tutu; Eddy Izzard.

Are you currently saving money for something? Yes – for my next family holiday!

Do you have a dream that cannot be bought by money? Yes – raised global consciousness about the value of life; the planet and the futility of war and excessive consumerism.

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years? Not sure but I intend to be happy whatever it is!

Where will you be when you are old? Not sure but intend to be happy and healthy wherever it is!

What is your favourite food?  That’s hard – there’s so much I like! It would have to be linked to a context like for example:  on a cold day up the mountain nothing beats a hot spicy Chai tea and Lindt dark cranberry and almond chocolate. On a hot summers evening – Gaspachio – tomato soup with croutons….. On a day of celebration – Cape Champagne – Kaapse Vonkel with strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. I’d have to say for everyday favourite little beats a good tomato pasta….The list cold go on!

Do you have a favorite book? Mmmm answer is similar to above – a few that come to mind immediately. Recent favorites are: Ken Wilber – The Theory of Everything and Juhani Pallasmaa – Eyes of the Skin.

Do you have a favorite movie? Many: I love all the Hitchcock movies; Bladerunner; most Monty Python’s and recently My Sisters Sister; The Untouchables and My Neighbour Totoro.

What music is your favorite? I have  very broad and eclectic taste in music from classical to electronical blues and Indie.

And what TV-show? Don’t watch TV much.

What do you like about South Africa? The amazing biosphere we live in in Cape Town (and natural beauty  and variety of the whole country). Friendly relaxed diverse and interesting people – with a lot of can-do attitude. The world-in-one-country complexity and huge challenges and opportunities that this presents! Cultural richness and diversity. The music; the sports and the braai!

What don’t you like about South Africa? Divisions in our society; culture of violence as a means to solve problems;  especially when it’s directed at women and children.  Lack of awareness or action to address that ours is a country with a deeply troubled collective psyche. Lack of dense urban infrastructure and public transport.

What are your hopes for South Africa? That we can truly overcome the legacy of a repressive and divided past at social cultural and economic levels.

Is there anything you would like to say to our Swiss friends and families?  Come spend time here like the Schlups have and experience SA for yourself ! It’s a growing, exciting and challenging place!

Thank you, Andre!

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