Rhino Paradise

December 16, 2013, Midrand – Marakele National Park


Yesterday we stayed in a loge called a little paradise. What was nice about it was it had a pool, but the furnutur was defenetly not our style.


In the morning I let my howle breakfast stand, I only ate a piece of toast. Then we had to get some stuff from Bushlore, because they didn’t bring it the other day. We also did school there: Matti had German, Moritz had Maths and German and I did a French test with three mistakes. When we were done with Bushlore we went shopping, or to be presice me and my parents went shopping. The boys stayed behind at a playground. I managed to get my mom to buy me icecream (6 mini) which we had to eat imedeatly; I got 2. When my mom put the food in the cat my dad got us lunch and us kids waited at a fountain. Wen we got the food we finally manegd to get going. When we wear putting our tent up at the campside I saw a rhino and in the end there were five of them.


By the way, we were in a National park called Marakele and our camp was unfenced.



Marakele and Khama01



December 17, 2013, Marakele National Park


Today we went on a early morning safari. On the way we saw a elephant. Then we went to a vulture lookout point. First we did not see valtures, but when we were leaving about 12 wehre above us.


When we came back we had school. After school we had a midday sleep. Then we went to a park with lots of carnivores.


Then we came back for supper. When we where washing the dishes, rinohs walked into camp.








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