Elephantastic Christmas

December 24, 2013, CKGR – Magkadikadi National Park

It was Chrismas and this is how we celebrated it: We really started at 5.30 pm by making popcorn, had a shower and after the main course – bread on the stick, mashed potatoe, chalakalaka and steakes – we sang some songs and did the presents. This is what we got: Parents to Matti = knive, parents to Moritz = Leatherman, parents to me = four Top Model books, Moritz to Matti = two socer cards, Moritz to me = flower earrings, Moritz to dad = vouchers, Matti to Moritz = car sticker with boy at drums, Matti to me = paper dolls, Matti to parends = Adventcalender, me to Matti = angrie king face beenbag and lolli, me to Moritz = astonisht hat face beenbag and lolli and I gave my dad vouchers, too. Moritz and I had already given our presents to our mom; he gave her a homemade blanket and I had made an ovenglove for her.

In the morning we also saw vultures right next tot he road. They were feeding on a dead cow.


Crossing the Boteti River

Crossing the Boteti River

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Angel Boys

Angel Boys


December 25, 2013, Magkadikadi National Park

Today we went on a morning drive. First we didnot see a thing. But then we saw a elephent, then there were more and more. In the end there were about 100 elephents!!!

Wihle we were watshing the elephents, we saw a giraffs head over the trees. But when we arrived there, the giraff wasnt there. After that we went tot he fenc., but lots of it was broken by the elephents.


Magkadikadi NP21

Big Splash

Magkadikadi NP22


Magkadikadi NP23

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