Liquid Caprivi

(no, not a new drink we tried last night…)

January 1, 2014, Divundu, Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Prosit Neujahr! The new year started for us like the old one ended: Rain, intermittent with heavy rain. On the upside, we woke up fairly dry and good humoured, except for Moritz who was fighting off a stomach bug.

During a short spell of sun we managed to get our raincoats dried and have a short swim in the pool before the next shower drove us in the car to take a drive to Popa Falls, a series of not so impressive rapids nearby (but with a restaurant that serves tea in the dry). On the way, we admire the green landscape and thatched huts. Back in camp, efforts to stem the flows of water under our tent prove ultimately fruitless and we resort to eating dinner and watching the rest of the movie from yesterday in the covered kitchen area before we call it an early day, hoping for better weather somehow, somewhere tomorrow….


January 2, 2014, Divundu – Kongola, Caprivi Strip, Namibia

First thing in the new year, we are desperate for a break from our adventures. We need to get away from all the water, the mosquitos and the people assuring us that we are experiencing exceptionally bad weather. We decide to try our luck at the other end of the Caprivi strip, near Kongola. Mazambala Lodge welcomes us very warmly, taking loads of laundry from us and offering a thatched roof above. Mosquitos are still plentiful, but after a swim in the pool, a warm shower and a fine dinner we feel very capable of facing them again. On our way through Caprivi, we are a bit disappointed not to see any wildlife but a wild dog killed on the highway, which made us sad. Interesting to see the homesteads of subsistence farmers between the highway and the power line, both running through a national park.


Kwandu River

Kwandu River

Road River

Road River

Raindrop River

Raindrop River

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