Urban Africa

January 20, 2014, Lusaka

After relising that the Reed Mat Loge which is where we were staying was not what we wanted, we packed our things and after breakfast we went to a loge called Kaingo. They have a very nice pool here, with a fountain and a swimmup-bar. It was much better than the other one.

After school and lunch and lots of swimming we had to go buy a suit for my dad. It was very annoying but in the end we got some mini donuts which was nice. After bringing the car into the garage we swam again and had a Rock Shandy and watched a bit of the Hobbit 2. A friend of dad came and had supper with us.


Luxurious Life

Luxurious Life

January 21, 2014, Lusaka

My dad went to Mocambique today for work. My story begins with a taxi that I did go in a shopping mall. Then, I saw there that there was a Star War’s movie. Then I stayed in front of that shop for an hour. But my brother and my sister went to see the rain because it was raining very hard and we could hear it banging on the roof. My brother could even feel a drop even though we were in the mall.

The KFC did stink and didn’t even have pops! So we went to Wimpy and I and my brother played Star Wars. Then we bought lunch for tomorrow and took the taxi back home. From my pocket money, I bought myself a calculator! Why didn’t KFC have pops?


Soccer results

Soccer results

January 22, 2014, Lusaka

Today we went to a place calld culture vilag. There I bought two wooden animals and a bow and arrow. Then we went to a market calld Kamwala and bought some fabrics. After that we walked to Comessa market and bought some more fabrics. Then we went home (to the lodg).

(Everybody shouted Gerard or Suarez when they saw my Liverpool shirt.)




January 23, 2014, Lusaka

In the morning, we did school and tried to find out about the waterslide park but it had closed about a year ago because three kids drownd, their excuse was that they couldn’t see them drowning because there were too many kids in the pool. When that didn’t work we thought about going to a reptile park, but we figured we’d seen enough crocodiles in the wild and didn’t need that. So we just stayed at home.

After lunch we did a tresaurhunt. When I was about half way through my book, we went swimming. We jumped over each other and afterwards we ate the tresure or chocolate, as you take it. We managed to play Macala in about four difrent ways. When we waited for my dad to come back, me and my mom drew some dresses and my brothers got ready to attack my dad.

We went for supper with a friend of my dad. We went into a very full and a very loud restaurant. They rushed us through because we were at a reserved table.


seasoned traveller

seasoned traveller

January 24, 2014, Lusaka

Keeping our rythm of classes in the morning and outings in the afternoon, we were all delighted to have Michael back. Even though it sometimes feels very crowded and tight travelling as a family, with just a tent, a car and some mosquito nets to provide privacy – we still feel very close and dearly miss whoever is absent.

In the afternoon, we visited one of Michael’s projects and the billboards advertising it. I could imagine facilitating campaigns for environmentally friendly consumer goods in Africa – the potential seems huge and so do the benefits. We have all fallen in love with Zambia – and Lusaka especially. What a friendly, relaxed and cosmopolitan place – no matter if you are in a business environment or one of the markets or compounds we visited. To round off the day, we had Korean food cooked to perfection by Zambian chefs – yummie!




for sale

for sale in Muthendere compound

Michael and Elizabeth

Mama Pulumusa

the factory

the factory



snack time

snack time

Hello Korea - Swiss greetings from Zambia!

Hello Korea – Swiss greetings from Zambia!




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4 Responses to Urban Africa

  1. Esther Serrallach sagt:

    Hallo Schlupfife,
    zuerst ein gutes Neues Jahr! – Gerne lesen wir Eure Berichte! Wir wünschen Euch Fünf weiterhin eine interessante Reise durch Afrika, Richtung Biel!
    Alles Gute und herzliche Grüsse Esther + Alberto

  2. Thomas Plattner sagt:

    War gerade in Dar Es Salaam für eine Woche und obwohl ich nun erst insgesamt zwei Wochen in Afrika südlich des Äquators verbracht habe und diese erst noch voll und ganz in Dar, verstehe ich Eure Faszination für Afrika immer besser….

    lustigerweise hat mir während meines Aufenthaltes in Dar gerade jemand von Zambia vorgeschwärmt!

    Euch 5 und ganz besonders NINA alles Gute (wieder) aus der Schweiz!

    Freuen uns, Euch bald wieder bei uns in der Nähe zu haben…

    Liebe Grüsse


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