almost there

March 19, 2014, Zanzibar – Dar-es-Salaam


Our pre-breakfast bath in the sea is cut short by mildly stinging jellyfish that are too numerous to ignore. The ferry brings us back to Dar, where we move back into “our” apartment and then go for Italian gelato by tuk-tuk.


Later, we dine Ethiopian style – a country we would love to visit – maybe in a few years time? Slowly but surely, melancholia is creeping into our hearts – even though we are looking forward to going home, it makes us sad to see Africa moving into our past. We look forward to the day when it will once more be present in our future!







preparing for our next trip...

preparing for our next trip…maybe

to Ethiopia?

to Ethiopia?


March 20. 2014, Dar-es-Salaam


We had a lazy morning and then went to the hear dresser. After the hear dresser we decided to go to the cinemax at 3 pm. Between now and then we went to the pool. Then we went to the cinemax. My mother and Nina almost got lost. Then we found them and went to watch Lego Movi. At night we went to eat supper with Steve, dad’s friend.





fans of tuk-tuk

fans of tuk-tuk

new look

new look


March 21, 2014, Dar-es-Salaam


After breakfast, we (my parents) repacked our things, so they were each under 23 kg, while we (my brothers and I) had to wait outside. Then we went to Waterworld. This time ther was another class there with us, so we didn’t have to scream every time we wanted to go on a slide. After lunch, the class left, but we still had fun. We went to a nice new restaurant to have an extra early meal, so we wouldn’t have to eat at the airport. When we got back to the apartment, we all showered and changed. Then we drove to the airport. We all had to get used to wearing shoes again. My brothers and me taught my mom a bit of “Rat on skateboard”. The arport was normal and quick, we’re on our way home!






Thank you Zanzibar, for your white sands, turquoise tides, coral reefs and cheeky fish; your sun and moon and carefree times;


Thank you Tanzania, for your waterslides, your palm trees and coconuts; your friendly immigration service and Swahili cuisine;


Thank you Mozambique, for the Unity Bridge, but not the road that leads to it; for your bread and piri-piri and the mangos; your crumbling cultural heritage and fancy seashells;


Thank you Malawi, for your chilly mountaintops and the island in the sky; the grandeur of your lake and the escarpment; your strong women, the mushrooms and the avos,  and all the blessings you gave us on our way;


Thank you Zambia, for the leopard; your remoteness; your positive attitude towards life and your worldly capital;


Thank you Zimbabwe, for your parks and your ruins; for your pardons for inexistent traffic violations and the spray at Victoria Falls;


Thank you Namibia, for the good road around the swamp and the first roof over our heads;


Thank you Botswana, for your emerald season and all of nature’s babies; your baobabs, your star-spangled skies and for the Kalahari;


Thank you South Africa, for your beautiful people – our friends; for the Karoo, the Cederberg and the cold water around the Cape; for your whales, the flowering fynbos and Madiba; for Bethesda, the culture of braai and for being the hub of a lifetime experience. Enkosi kakhulu and dankie!




Special thanks for keeping us company during our travels to Peter, Fudge and Tootsie; Maik and Tschik; Louis, the trumpeter swan; The Rolling Stones; Wolfgang Herrndorf; Laurel; White Fang; Professor Liedenbrock; Sheila, Marcel Proust; Liverpool FC; Parzival; Blubber; das Unwissen; Brian; NZZ; Anne Frank; William Stoner; Asterix and Obelix; Mary Lennox; Herr Schramm, Frau Schwermuth and the dead ferryman; Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; Harry Belafonte; Tintin; Baby Jail, Stuart Little; Robinson Crusoe; Die Toten Hosen; the tree people of Botswana; Gwendolyn; Gru and the Minions; Marlow; Sindbad; and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow.



The Schlup Five

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5 Responses to almost there

  1. Kaspar Eigenmann sagt:

    Danke! En guete Flug!


  2. Edith sagt:

    Addis in Dar zum Abschluss? Auch das kenne ich :-). Gute Heimreise!!!

  3. monika stampfli sagt:

    hope to see you soon!!!

    Gesendet von unterwegs. Deshalb kurz und knapp.

  4. Lisa sagt:

    Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf euch! Gute Reise und langsames Ankommen! Leider regnet es heute und wird kalt, kein einfaches Startwetter in Biel …

  5. Jodee Taylor sagt:

    I have so enjoyed your trip! Welcome home. Jodee (in Malawi)

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