When we stepped off the plane in Zürich two months ago, I was sure this blog had come to an end. How could I possibly top our kids’ travel diary? Evidently, I need some more of that writing experience.

Top of the FAQ-list back home in Switzerland is surely the kind inquiry if we have overcome our culture shock. I am glad to say we were never in shock. Large parts of the Cape Town society we knew are quite similar to Switzerland; and we are now enjoying the freedom we missed there at times. Some liberties Switzerland lacks spawn warm memories of South Africa – no surprises here. Since last week though, we are in a collective state of homesickness or Heimweh; adequately, we experience both the flavor of sickness as well as that of pain.

Of course we miss our friends, but that is not all there is to homesickness. First and foremost, I miss who we were in Cape Town and during our travels. A family of five, depending on each other. Five people thrown together, in a lifetime experience. Five humans who are the same, but different. I long for that feeling of togetherness, trust and significance everyday life just can’t provide every single day.

Ask me where I would go if I had that magic flying carpet? The Karoo. Most definitely the Karoo would heal my aching heart.

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One Response to Homesick

  1. schlupscoop sagt:

    Hi there,

    I really identify with your blog and I think it is a great thing to keep up. Writing is good for the soul somehow. It is amazing how a foreign place can capture parts of your heart and become a new home, isn’t it? I love how you described the family togetherness. What a wonderful thing!

    I hope you are all well,

    PS…I know you had chickens in SA and I think in Switzerland, too. Is that right? Philip and I want to get a few for our garden. Do have any advices or chicken newbies?


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